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Pet-a-porter #25

Pet-a-porter #25

Margiela - Balanciaga -

Fashion week leaves us lusting for a new wardrobe for walkies.

So many things we loved from last months shows and now on the high street. Starting with Margiela (a perennial fave!) and this reconstructed trench  - perfect for trans-seasonal walkies.

Followed swiftly by the Copper Eyeline shades by Fendi and Balenciaga's Speed low top sock trainers in white. A steal at a mere £300 and £365 respectively. Gulp.

And finally these high-waisted leggings by Light Before Dark, so Balenciaga in style, so not in price. A mere £22 at Urban Outfitters. You're welcome.

The 'Outnet' for dogs. Pets Pyjamas introduces private sales.

Just because we have champagne taste, that doesn't mean we don't love a bargain. That's why we're dog excited that Pets PJs - your one stop shop for all things dog - have introduced private sales. Simply subscribe and shop a fab range of products at up to 70% off. Better still new lines are added everyday. Fetch yourself a bargain at Pets Pyjamas.

Growlees Fashion Dog Tags

Just launched: Growlees style statements for four-legged fashion hounds.

Dogs are into fashion as much as humans these days so we thought it about time we did something just for our fashionista furrends. The result: Growlees brand new collection of collar charms for stylish fashion hounds.

The Growlees Fashion Collection includes catchphrases such as ‘PET-A-PORTER’, ‘JIMMY CHEWER’, ‘I DON’T WALK I VOGUE’, ‘I’M NO BASIC BITCH’ (an homage to Kate Moss – the BOSS!), ‘DOG MUSE’, and ‘ATTENTION SEEKER’ - to let your dog make the ultimate style ‘statement’.

They come in a six different colourways and unique packaging designed by French artist Walter Glassof (who's worked on campaigns for Isabel Marant, no less). to let your dog make the ultimate style ‘statement’.
Whether you frequent the FROW or simply strut the urban runway, Growlees are guaranteed to ensure you and your model dog stand out.

Available exclusively online at Growlees.

Thom Browne Hector Browne Bag

Pet-a-Porter literally. Hector Browne goes bespoke for Dover Street Market.

Hector Browne, Daxie dog muse to fashion designer Thom was more fashion than fashion last month, returning to the catwalk for his Growlmama, acting as a rov(er?)ing fashion reporter for Vogue and inspiring a limited edition silver version of his namesake bag, exclusively produced for Dover St Market. That's a lot of fashion for a tiny set of paws. Give yourself an air kiss and a pat Hector. You deserve it.

Dog Shows Martin Masai Andersen

Dog Shows. A ten year photo documentary by Martin Masai Andersen.

As we come down from the excitement of Crufts - something of the UK's Model of the Year Awards, but for dogs - we're loving scrolling through these beautiful images by Martin Masai Andersen.

Captured at international dog shows between 2000 and 2014 the photo series documents the fascinating world of dog shows in Europe and North America. Take a peek here.

Model dogs

Follow our favourite furry fashionistas on Instagram.

Keen for a dog's eye view of the world of fashion? Follow the Instagram accounts of these canine fashion insiders. Clockwise from top left:

1. Jess Hart's adorable Yorkie Floyd: AKA George, offers a backstage glimpse of model life.
2. Editor-in-chief of Love Magazine, Katie Grand's striking Viszla Red, mixes it up with fashion's finest, mostly soliciting hugs from supers. Pictured here stealing a kiss from Gigi Hadid.
3. Canita: a rescue dog with a Cinderella story. Raised on the streets of Mexico she now frequents the FROW with her Growlmama, Igor Ramirez, editor-in-chief of the Spanish-language publication Solar Magazine. Last spotted on the catwalk at Etro. Image: Indigital.
4. Neville Jacobs, dog muse to fashion designer Marc, leads the life of a jet set pet that will make you pea-green with envy. But you'll love himanyway.

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Make a Canine Statement #26

Make a Canine Statement #26

The future is bright bitches!

The future is bright bitches!