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Shop like the Pet Set #17

Shop like the Pet Set #17

What do you get the dog who has everything? Spoil your mutt (more) this month with our top treat tips. 

  60s Supermodel Veruschka flies TWA.

60s Supermodel Veruschka flies TWA.


The only way to fly your Jetset pet

Does your mutt howl about coach? - the terrible food?  the appalling lack of legroom? the obnoxious fellow passengers? and the general lack of service? 

Well Growlmamas, put an end to the dog days of commercial travel and treat him to a private charter. Private Fly will spare your pup the indignity of turning right and jet him in style from London to Ibiza, Paris or Cannes (among other destinations). You'll be much more comfy too. #WinWin

Image: 60s Supermodel Veruschka flies TWA.


Neville Jacob's new book, doggy porn for fashion hounds

Neville Jacobs (son and muse of designer Marc) and the pin-up for fashion hounds everywhere is now in print. If you're a follower of fashion and dogs then you must wrap your paws around this fabulous book. A perfect light read for your private jet flight.


Bark-B-Q for pups and peeps

London's meat-loving mutts we've found your Nirvana. 

Porky's BBQ (with restaurants in Camden, Shoreditch, Bankside, and Chelsea) has declared itself dog (and kid) friendly. "It just makes sense really – kids love finger food and we have plenty of spare bones for your dog to chew while you chow down."

Puppers too posh for scraps can snack on artisan biscuit burgers made especially for Porky's by Murphy's Bakery.  And if there's anything left over Porky's will happily doggy bag it (no pun intended). #NomNom


Bow Wow! Beautiful bespoke puptraits

It's not just the posh puppers that need a pet portrait. Everyone of our pups deserves to be muse. Commission one today from BowWow Sketch. This talented arthound will capture your pup's likeness to perfection.

 Pet parents and pup snapped by  The Phodographer.

Pet parents and pup snapped by The Phodographer.


Pupp yourself!

A family puptrait is also a must for the much-loved mutt. We adore these snaps from the Phodographer. With a wealth of experience photographing both people and pups this York-based photographer will ensure both you and your pupper reveal your best side. #Pupparazzi


Clone your pupper in topiary

Entrance to your estate looking barren? Fancy a little greenery around the dog house? Then why not clone your pupper in topiary Edward Scissorhands style. Shop up all manner of breeds at Maison Dog.


Delectable bowls for the discerning dog

And last, but not least, every pampered pup needs the finest of crockery...and we've found it. 

Treat your mutt to a swoon-worthy water bowl from Mr.Dog. This stunning marble bowl keeps water at a cool 67 degrees - the perfect temperature for dogs - and won't easily tip over.  

Made from Vermont-mined marble and available in two colours, it would not look out of place on your coffee table. A treat for both Growlmama and muse. #PlateMeUp

The best of Dogtober #18

The best of Dogtober #18

Treat, Play, Love in Tulum #16

Treat, Play, Love in Tulum #16