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What the FRAKTA? #30

What the FRAKTA? #30

Since the April release of Balenciaga's Arena bag: a £1700 electric blue tote bearing a striking resemblance to IKEA's 40p iconic FRAKTA (pictured above right and selling on Ebay for £3.50 (if you can't be bothered to make the trek to the store), we've seen the evolution of a tonne of FRAKTA knock-offs and now some serious collabs (check out IKEA x Off White).

So this week we bring you the best of the IKEA Frakta trend - for your and your mutt! Before you time out, please note we've spared you the Frakta thong and bra!

IKEA sunglasses

1. IKEA shades by @usom.fashion, Florence Italy.

IKEA Bomber
Nike IKEA Jordan

2. Bomber and Air Jordan 1 revamp by @ElliotVan x @theShoeSurgeon. If you're not an Air Jordan fan, you can pick up a unique IKEA Frakta rendition of the Balenciaga Speed Trainer designed by Studio Hagel or Nike Air Force 1 by @Frecustoms

ikea gas mask

3. I'm afraid we have no idea who did this. We've tried everywhere to track this down. The ultimate Frakta for picking up dog poop. Drop us a line if you have a clue!

4. Own a dog in the city and you will soon learn that a bumbag/ fanny pack (if you come from the US)  is the best accessory to come out of the 90s...or was it 80s? We don't really care. Thank you @funkytowninc for this Frakta version - the cheapest and most functional kit for every Growlmama. Only £16 on Etsy and still super stylsih. We love!

5. This doggy raincoat by this gorgeous pug. Waterproof and on trend. We salute you handsome pup and apologise that we can't credit your style. Please get in touch if this is you.  Hats off to your Growlmama for this stylish coat. If we could sew we'd ask for the pattern...

Dogs in Bags

6. And finally, not for sale but one of our all time fave FRAKTA innovations (designed by New Yorkers, who are now no longer allowed to take their dogs on the subway unless they're in bags)  Well done to IKEA and this innovative Growlmama. Enough said. Thank you and...

Basquiat for Art Hounds #32

Basquiat for Art Hounds #32

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