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Growlmama Loves #3

Growlmama Loves #3

Things to do & things we love, doggy-style.


Sad puppies that will cheer you up

We've fallen in love with Birmingham born, Peter Jones Art. One of his poignant oils is top of our (birthday, Easter, Growlmama, anytime) wishlist.


Calder, one of Peggy's faves

Next weekend is your last chance to see American sculptor Alexander Calder at Tate Modern. Calder pioneered kinetic sculpture and was loved by dog-lover and art patron Peggy Guggenheim. This is not a doggy show but if you love art Calder's beautiful fragile works are not to be missed. Any volunteers to mind Frida while we go? 



Choccy woccy pups good enough to eat

Are you a chocaholic? Do you love dogs? Well then, we have found the perfect Easter gift for you or your dog-obsessed friends at Choccywoccydoodah (yes, that's their real name). Everything from boxers to westies immortalised in solid choc. Wrap up a choccy doggy doo dah for your humans this Easter (or should we say Eater?)



A hip hotel with a resident mutt

Left it to the last minute to find somewhere to take your pup for Easter? Check out the gorgeous Townhall Hotel set in the heart of super cool and vibrant East London. If your pup has other plans, fear not, resident mutt Ziggy will happily accept your cuddles.



Doggy houses for the minimal hound

It's so hard to find a cool pad these days but this one comes close. Japanese design studio, Nendo, has launched the Cubic Collection; doggy accessories that are designed to look great inside minimally furnished homes or in any home where you don't fancy your mutt's bed being the central design feature! The range, which comes three years after the Studio's first range of transformable pet accessories, favours simple geometric shapes. It includes a soft toy, a rectilinear dog house, a ball with square cut-outs and a simple food bowl.



Canines, Camera, Action!

We usually reserve this spot for our favourite doggy tomes but this week want to invite you to a fabulous new film event "magic'd" up by our friends @oscar_rupert. These two clever pups have managed to pull together London's first doggy film night, in none other than ultra-hip restaurant Wringer + Mangle. Fetch your tickets here: Canines, Camera, Action 



Slide right into these velcro kicks

There's always a fine line with velcro: between uber-cool and something your Grandpa might wear once he relinquishes style for comfort. Perhaps we've spent too much time in the dog park (or pounding the pavements for our upcoming brand but we err on the side of cool with these new puppies from Marni (top) and Common Projects (below). Yes, you've guessed it, two of our favourite brands. Mock as you see fit, we don't mind and remember your pup will only thank you for your swift transition into your park wheels! #playnicely 


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Growlmama Loves #4

Growlmama Loves #4

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Growlmama Loves #2