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Gifts for Growlmamas #27

Gifts for Growlmamas #27

Mother's Day gifts whatever your style.

More Rah-Rah than a Chihuahua Growlee

Mid-century mamas this is for you (and me - if anyone fancies sending a gift!).

While I may work minimal in dress, my dream home is a mid-century masterpiece of timeless kitsch:  think Falling Water, M. Cardin's Cannes Gaff or some kind of masterpiece worthy of a Shulman snap.

In the interim, we sate ourselves with a Slim Aarons print, a fabulous Hollywood Regency pineapple (for storing poo bags #obvs, ok it's really an ice-bucket but get creative!) and the most swoonworthy dog bed we ever did see from WOW BOW London. Thank dog someone has finally designed a bed for our Grenchie we don't want to hide.

More rah-rah than a Chihuahua dog collar charm from Growlees.

The Snuggle is Real Growlee

For those in the bottom half of the world (read: Australia, Brazil, SA)  winter is coming, for those in the top (read: England) it's still here, snuggle up in these furry finds wherever you are.

From the top: The Snuggle is Real collar charm by Growlees, ASOS cheap as chips Truffle slides - for when you can't decide if it's winter or summer, snuggle bed by Charley Chau (don't you just want to hop inside yourself) and funny furry phone covers by Korean brand Keora Keora

So Fetch Growlee

Got a mama who's a little less kitsch and little more loft, then these styles are for you.

From top: So Fetch collar charm by Growlees. New kicks for walkies Goodhood x VANS, socks (how much do you love new socks?) by Unused also available at Goodhood (yep we kinda like that store), Puppy Upper aka Treat Jar by Jonathan Adler, unisex shades Italia Independent for Adidas Originals and Classic X-Print bed by Mr.Dog - handsome bed tester and spokesmodel Frenchie Thurston Howl unfortunately not included.


Attention Seeker Growlees Collar Charm
Some bunny loves you (4).png

And finally, for those who love a touch of sparkle we hereby present our absolute faves. Having grown up in a family of colour fiends and sparkle lovers we still possess a latent gene to shop this glittery stuff.

Vans X Opening Ceremony glitter trainer, Gucci Shades and Glitter Disco Diva collar by Pocket Dog. Note there is no bed in this spread as we know pups like you don't sleep at all. Attention Seeker collar charm by Growlees.

Shop it all now and you will be the apple of your Growlmama's eye.

Think Pink #28

Think Pink #28

Make a Canine Statement #26

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