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Basquiat for Art Hounds #32

The recent London opening of "Boom for Real": an exhibition of 100+ works of 80s art prodigy Jean-Michel Basquiat appears to have spawned a new wave of Basquiat-inspired stuff - from tattoos to trainers to towels it's all there.

This Growlmama Loves we curate our top picks of the trend for both you and your mutt.

Art hound or not, we know you'll be smitten.

Untitled design (33).png
Untitled design (36).png

Clockwise from top left:
1. Nail it on walkies in these Basquiat kicks from Browns. Low and high-tops both now in store as part of their limited edition JMB capsule collection.

2. Tag your resident art critic with collar candy by Growlees. Shop up the new collection or make like SAMO and design-your-own pup graffito.

3. Get your mutt working the Basquiat vibe with the Roboto poop bag pochette or the all purpose bowl and stand in JMB pantones from New York's Mr Dog.

Untitled design (35).png
Untitled design (38).png

4. Pimp your pup's crib with a Basquiat pillow by 3buu artshop on Etsy. 

5. Twin with your pup in some more kit from Browns launched in limited numbers to celebrate Basquiat's first UK exhibition. Pictured Rome Pays Off 5 pocket jeans (but there's a whole lot more stuff in this fab collection). We quite fancy the JMB skateboard (to hang on our wall).

6. Wrap up your mutt with a JMB throw by Everyday Monster at Society 6. Available in both black and white, your mutt will love it but if they are like our muse please choose the black.  

7.Lovers of ink, art (and dogs of course), tag yourself with JMB's signature crown (which we can't help but notice resembles our dog muse's prominent gnashers). Prefer something more obviously doggy? Mix up your ink with a Basquiat contemporary: read Haring hound or Warhol woof. 

8. And finally... rather ink up your walls than yours truly? Then wrap yourself up a real JMB. While many are replete with doggy motifs, the trick is to find one you can actually afford....We picked the derivative Bansky (pictured top and below) which appeared outside the Barbican on the launch of the show. Worth a look and a dog-selfie (especially if your pup has the same teef).

Frida- Basquiat - Banksy.jpg
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