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Fairy Tail Wedding #37

When you're staging the wedding of the year everyone wants an invite. So how did Megs and Harry whittle the numbers down? Simple: dog-lovers only made the cut.

Read on for our take on the top dogs of the Royal Wedding and the mutts that scored them an invite.

The Queen and Corgis.jpg

1. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II - Harry's Corgi-loving Granny. As Top Dog she was in before she started but totes sealed the deal when she chauffered Meghan's dog, Guy to Windsor Castle. #Awww.


2. Charles and Camilla. Thanks to her rescue pups Beth and Bluebell, Camilla succeeded the Queen as Patron of Battersea's Berkshire Branch and earned her place on the list. Meghan loves a rescue. Charles is Harry's dad....invites in the bag!

Kate Wills.jpg

3. Kate, Wills, George, Charlotte and Louis. Well, #obvs the Spaniel gets you in, though we haven't seen him in a while? Was he traded for your second born? #WheresLupo

bea and eugenie dog.jpg

4. Bea and Eugenie we know you're too busy to be tied down by a mutt. Exception made and invites granted in exchange for the promise of spectacular headwear. Disappointed girls. You let us down.  #BiggerHatsNextTime

Oprah dogs.jpg

5. Oprah. (The other type of) Queen and consummate dog mom. Would have been nice if you'd scored a plus one (for your pups). The chapel was small. Don't take it personally.

vb august-2014-vogue-1-1jul14-mag_b.jpg

6. VB. Fashion Hound and dog mum. Next time bring your mutt not your man. We guarantee it will make you look a whole lot more chipper. #ItsAWeddingNotAFuneral

tom hardy.jpg

7. Tom Hardy. #Obvs. 


8. Serena Williams. Mutt mom and tennis hound. In like Flynn!


9. Idris Elba, actor, dog-lover and DJ at the the Royal After Party. Triple threat. Straight to the Top of the list!

George and Amal.jpg

10. And finally...George and Amal. The hottest dog-lovers on the guest list or even the Planet. Without question.

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