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The best of Dogtober #18

So you've survived the Summer Season and are now settling in to a few months of serious time before the Silly Season starts. Think again Growlmamas. There's so much going on in October, you'll need to adjust your human calendar to accommodate your pup. With this in mind, this month's Growlmama Loves we dedicate to DOGtober - the seemingly biggest doggy month of the year.


Stylehounds, literally

London's Lead the Walk, the go-to accessories and apparel site for hip hounds and their style-conscious owners, will be bringing their own brand of canine cool to Stylist Live, with a pup-up fashion boutique showcasing the hottest looks for pack leaders, an exclusive capsule collection launch and an Insta-famous dog squad including @BrunoTheMiniDachshund @HoneyIDressedThePug and @WinnyTheCorgi (he's so famous he has his own set of greeting cards) who’ll be modelling the latest pet styles and posing for pictures throughout the show. 13-16 October at London's Business Design Centre. Book your tickets here.


The New York Dog Film Festival returns

Yes you heard us right. The short Film Festival for dog lovers returns to New York this DOGtober. A whole day of canine cinema with a guarantee from it's organisers that the films will only leave you feeling good.

As they say on their site, "Some people worry that movies about dogs will make them cry. These movies will only make you cry for joy! All of the movies are intended to be uplifting, exciting and fun. No dogs are harmed or die in any of the films! Be assured that these films enlighten about the connection between dogs and their people! It's all about Happy Endings!" We love.

15 October at Symphony Space, New York. Check out the line-up and get your tickets here.


Jonas Wood portraits at Anton Kern

For his fifth solo exhibition at New York's Anton Kern Gallery, Jonas Wood presents a group of portraits that depict his family, close friends, and the artist himself (+ a lot of dogs). Through exuberant color, line, and scale, these paintings express the artist’s interpretation of intimate moments from his life, and memorialize figures who are paramount to him.

Portraits, a book designed by Karma and the artist, will be published in conjunction with the exhibition. Until 29 October 2016.


Easy walkers arrive in London

Back in London Town, Toronto-based Ross Bonfanti's concrete treasures are on show at Rebecca Hossack's Charlotte Street Gallery for Dogtober.

Taking found soft toys, Bonfanti destabilises their initial cushioned appearance by re-imagining them in concrete, studding them with nails, nuts and screws. Evocative of modernity and urbanity, his sculptures are nonetheless nostalgic, hearkening back to childhood innocence and play. Despite their cement exoskeletons, Bonfanti retains the toys' fluffy seams and velvet noses, leaving the sculptures in a striking state of in-between.

The first London exhibition of Bonfanti's work, following several sell-out shows at our New York gallery features tufted birds on wrought iron-branches, dogs on chains and towers of playfully-balanced teddies, challenging expectations of weight, weightlessness, texture and form.  

Until 29 October at Rebecca Hossack.


There's a new mag in town

DOGtober is also the month of dogs in print! DOG magazine hit the shelves last month and provides perfect reading for those wet Autumn days. Curl up with your pup and revel in the beautiful photography and delectable tales in this new bi-annual tome. According to it's authors:

"DOG is a modern lifestyle magazine exploring the presence and influence of dogs and their owners in society. Each issue centers on a common topic and explores the meaningful interactions and love of individuals and their dogs through photographic portfolios, interviews, personal essays, informative material on breeds and creative content.

Personal, visual, poetic, current and innovative, DOG offers original content and a new perspective to dog lovers and owners. Content for DOG will come from a variety of creative sources mirroring the diversity of dog owners and lovers."

We just like it for the pictures. Order online here.


Dogs might fly!

Our wait for Julia Christe's fabulous book of flying phodograpy finally ends in DOGtober.

Inspired by her Frisbee-loving pup, Flinn, photographer Julia Christe set out to photograph the athleticism and freedom of dogs leaping in mid-air. She published some of these images of airborne canines digitally, and they quickly went viral with features in The Guardian, Huffington Post, and on the Today Show. 

Featuring 120 airborne dogs of all breeds and sizes — from the tiniest of Chihuahuas to full-grown Siberian Huskies and German Shepherds— Flying Dogs is the delightful, swooping sensation that will have dog lovers laughing out loud and begging for more! (And never fear: No dogs were harmed in the making of this book.)

Get your paws on Flying Dogs from 18 October 2016. Pre-order today to avoid disappointment.


Wash that fox right out of your fur

In the Northern Hemisphere, Dogtober spells Autumn. And Autumn means fox. Eau de Fox in fact. It's the time of year when our dog muse, Frida is so intoxicated by the scent of these sneaky beasts that she converts our morning stroll into a roll - a mile long roll in fox poo. You know the drill.

Well fear not Growlmamas, it's new Aussie dog beauty brand Mr.PAW to the rescue. Mr.PAW makes all natural grooming products for the new age dog about town. Their mission is simple. Get dirty dogs clean.

They do this using only the very best ingredients that are natural, vegan and eco friendly. All packaging has been carefully selected to minimise carbon paw prints and each bottle is "made in Melbourne with ruv". Better still, they ship internationally. Shop up here and ensure your pupper smells his best for this month's crammed canine calendar.

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