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Aloha Beaches #11

With summer yet to show its face in London Town, we've taken to tropical dreaming to keep the smile on our dial. The result: our top picks for the tropical mutt in your life. Snap these up and you'll feel like a castaway wherever you are.

 T from SuperCoolTShirts on Etsy.


Walkies Waikiki-style

Walk your way to Waikiki in these tropical threads. Clockwise from left: Give a cheeky nod to the Tropics, and dogs as well, in the Aloha Beaches T from SuperCoolTShirts. Complete your look with rimless shades from Take Feature (as good as the SuperFuture Tuttolente but at a fraction of the price), Saint Laurent tropical trainers and a pineapple collar for your pup. Tan-tastic! 



Cribs for castaway canines!

Introducing the 'Tahiti' a paradise for pups designed and produced by Designer Dog House. Made from eco-friendly wood and paints, the Tahiti provides safety for your pup while minimising environmental impacts. With bamboo accents, palm thatching, and imported Asian Pacific hand-carvings your mutt will feel on a holiday everyday. We're moving in too.

squeeki tiki.png


Tiki Toys

Continuing with our theme, we've dug up these Squeeki Tiki treasures from Pet Projekt.  Enough said.



Tiki tucker on pineapple plates

So what to feed the tropical dog? It has to be Tiki Pets #obvs. Grain free and made from human grade whole-shredded or sliced meats and seafood, Tiki Pets has a nutrient profile that mimics the natural prey for dogs. Serve it up in a pineapple bowl (we found some vintage ones on Etsy) and your mutt will truly be transported. 



Tropical Dreams

Having walked tropical, played tropical and snacked tropical your pup can fall asleep for tropical dreams. The KalaKaukaua Diamond Head Hawaiian Scenic dog bed, (pictured) should do the trick. 



Dog-friendly castaway kitsch on AirBnb

Lastly, in this week's tropical search we stumbled upon this exceptional piece of Aloha kitsch where you and your mutt can get tropical first hand. This mad Hawaiian gaff, available for rent on Airbnb  is decked to the rafters with all things Hawaiian and most importantly of all is pet-friendly. Mahalo.

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